Ink Jam - Vector Type Effects 3580388

Ink Jam - Vector Type Effects 3580388


Blown out vector type effects for Illustrator. The ink got jammed up in the press but no need to worry, these styles will help save time. Simply select your graphic style, play the action and finish the trace and you'll have beautiful hand crafted textures applied to your work in no time.

These ink stamp effects will blow you away. Over 60 graphic styles to use in Illustrator. Keep everything vector and scale it to whatever size you want. These graphic styles will blur the lines and provide ample gritty texture both inside and out of your type, logos or shapes. Customizable, the possibilities with this package are endless. With authentic styles right from the backyard, including textures from wood, rust, bubbles, sparks and more. Check out the panels for a full list of the styles offered up in this package.

Here's what's included:

60+ Vector Ink Stamp Graphic Styles
1 InkJam Action
60+ Swatches
6 Page Quick Start How to Guide
5 Page Pro Tip User Guide Download Download
скачать dle 11.3
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