Pilot Jacket Mockups Set FREE DEMO 3810287

Pilot Jacket Mockups Set FREE DEMO 3810287


MEN POLO SHIRT Mock-ups Sets & Generators
with FREE DEMO & Features (link in description below)
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Get the high quality mock-up series Apparels on Model Collection by White Mocca. Now you can present your clothes the way only the best global e-stores do. Work faster with awesome results. You will be provided with 5 special features entirely for free!
The First Fully customized Mock-ups
With White Mocca mock-ups you can truly enjoy countless possibilities. All elements on mock-ups are separated and editable (for example sleeves and collars). If you work on advanced, demanding designs and seek for ultra realistic effects, White Mocca will fulfill your needs. Just drag and drop – it’s really simple as that. Let’s create billions of different designs!
Faster, easier, Better designing
Forget about hours spent on placing prints and patterns on mock-up. Check out the fullprint design placing we have included in our mock-up set. It was made for easy and quick use. Drag and drop. Put design in Smart Objects and save. Just like that? Sure, just try it.
Show it like A True Professional
Now you can present your clothes the way only the best global e-stores do. Every single mock-up generator was inspired by the best-selling photos and look books online. In White Mocca we follow digital trends and know how online marketing works. Trust us, we’re designers too. See other mock-ups in our collection (related mock-ups below) to choose one consistent style for all types of clothes.
You get 10 in 1
One mock-up and so many angles to choose from! Our set includes mock-ups cropped in 2 different ways: FULL – model seen in full body shot, CROPPED – model seen to the line of mouth.
Try 5 different angles. All of them follow latest trends and appear to come from the look books of the biggest e-stores. You will find a few angles and detail.
Speed up & Save time! You have 2 options for work:
1. Set 1 file Generator & get 5 angles
What does it mean to you? Now you can use one psd file and generate all angles. All you need to do is place chosen design in one view and thanks to generator the rest of views change automatically. ‘One click’ and the project is done. Create coherent product photos in just a few minutes. Working on mock-ups has never been easier.
2. Set 1 chosen file & get chosen angle
You use generator when you need to have all angles to work on them. If you need to work on only 1 angle, you don’t need to use generator. There’s a faster option – open only chosen angle to work on. It’s a simple and quick way to fulfill your needs.
Your Super Realistic Design
You always wanted to make your designs as realistic as possible. Thanks to White Mocca you can create visuals that are extremely lifelike. Our mock-ups are equipped with the advanced transformation tool (for example: puppet warp transformation). We have created them with the highest precision and supported every single mock up with displacement maps that wrap design to the fabric automatically. That provides an incredibly realistic effect on your visual. Sounds as easy as pie? It is.
Achieve Mind-blowing Quality
Each file is 2000x3000px & 1600x2400px 240dpi. We have made all files ready to be used on all kind of devices. What is more, our mock-ups work flawlessly on retina and HiDPI screens.
Extremely Beautiful Color
Discover the first mock-ups that helps you create a great image in bright or dark tones and incredible depth of color. You don’t need any additional clicks or switches between different color versions. It all lies in our secret blending method that works phenomenal with all colors.
Isolated Background
Model on mock-ups is always isolated from the background. It means you can easily stay with white canvas, change color or simply turn it off (making transparent).

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