ULTIMATE TOYS Bundle & SCENE Creator - 791273

ULTIMATE TOYS Bundle & SCENE Creator - 791273

PSD | 190 MB
This is the biggest and best fun-diddely-spun ULTIMATE bundle of TOYS and Scene Mockup Creator ever seen! In this FUNtastic kit you have everything you need to create the TOYS scenes of your dreams!

Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen we are about to announce whats inside the TOY box!

First you are going to unwrap a PSD collection of all 20 toys + BONUS 26 hand carved Alphabet Blocks as freebies!

And since you have been good all year long, you are also going to unwrap 4 TOYS Scenes that have been pre-created for you! Which includes the totally spectacular GREETING CARD-O-FUN scene!

If the awesome meter isnt already high enough you are also going to be unwrapping all the pre-created scenes as JPGS to use in your designs!!

This package of toys is great for Kids, Babies, and Toddlers.

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