Procreate - Stipple Shading Brushes - 4613624

Procreate - Stipple Shading Brushes - 4613624


These are 21 brushes for the Procreate app. You can add grainy details to your illustrations with these Styling Shading Brushes. This popular shading technique gives your artwork a vintage tattoo or retro comic effect.

This set includes:

Stipple dark 3
Stipple dark 2
Stipple dark 1
Stipple middle
Stipple light 1
Stipple light 2
Stipple light 3
Stipple round middle
Stipple round light 1
Stipple round light 2
Stipple liner 1 dot
Stipple liner 2 dots
Stipple liner 3 dots
Stipple liner 6 dots
Stipple round small 1
Stipple round small 2
Stipple round small 3
Stipple round small 4
Stipple round small 5
Stipple round jitter 1
Stipple round jitter 2
These files are ONLY compatible with the Procreate app.


iPad Pro or iPad
Apple Pencil (or a pen that supports pressure sensitivity)
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