Anime Eyes 30 Procreate Brush Stamps - 1447000

Anime Eyes 30 Procreate Brush Stamps - 1447000


Manga Eyes 30 Stamp ,Procreate Brush ,30 Eye Color palette,Eye doodle,Hand Drawn Manga eye for drawing Cartoon,Anime

Procreate stamps compatible with Procreate only. You can scale/resize these stamp brushes, change opacity, color or set-ups.
Manga Eye stamps are elements for decorating your art work. You can use these brushes for Cartoon Portrait , Drawing Anime,Tattoo. There are 30 different styles and 30 color.

Easy to use! Download the .brushset file and import it to your brushes in Procreate. After that just choose a stamp and tap on your screen with finger or apple pencil.

You will receive: 1zip
1 .brushset file with 30 stamps > you will see file " Manga_Eye2.brushset"
1 .swatches fils 30 colors > you will see file "Manga_Eye2.swatches"
6 jpg presentation images Download Download
скачать dle 11.3