Bundle of Best Sellers February 566829

Bundle of Best Sellers February 566829

Get my February 2016 best sellers at more than 25% discount! Four of my listings are included in this bundle. All items are hand painted watercolors. This is a great deal for a limited time.
The bundle includes the following: 3 floral borders. 2 floral wreaths. 3 floral sprays. 4 seamless patterns. 18 elements.
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All clip art items are given in both high resolution (300 DPI) JPEG and PNG. Watercolor elements are given in high resolution PNG.

The peachy pink border as well as the wild flower border measure 12 inches X 6 inches (3600 X 1800 pixels). The turquoise border measures 12 inches X 8 inches (3600 X 2400 pixels). Both Chincherinchee wreaths measure 10 inches X 10 inches (3000 X 3000 pixels). The floral sprays vary in size, being on average 8 inches X 8 Inches (2400 pixels X 2400 pixels). The digital patterns measure 12 inches X 12 inches (3600 X 3600 pixels). The watercolor elements vary in size, being on average 2.5 inches X 2.5 inches.

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