New Watercolor Texture Toolkit 1559646

New Watercolor Texture Toolkit 1559646

New Watercolor Texture Toolkit 1559646
I am thrilled to announce the brand New Watercolor Texture Toolkit for Illustrator and Photoshop!
With over 700 Elements this Bundle has everything you need to create beautiful and unique watercolor graphics and patterns. It features not only the classic watercolor washes but it also adds a few special treats like Watercolor Marble, Gold Watercolor, Watercolor Wood and Watercolor Space textures.

With the help of Vector and PNG Patterns, Photoshop Brushes, Digital Papers, Decorative Elements, Paint Splashes, Real Paper Textures, seamless textures and FREE future updates, the possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild and create something unique for yourself or your business. :)

? What you will Receive:

103 JPG Watercolor Textures Size 12x12 inches including:
18 Watercolor Wood Textures,
6 Space Watercolor Textures,
6 Watercolor Marble Textures,
12 Pastel Watercolor Textures,
6 Dot Watercolor Textures,
55 Watercolor Wash Textures.
34 PNG Watercolor Textures Graphics with Transparent Background including:

24 Colorful Watercolor Textures,
6 Starry Night Watercolor Textures,
4 Circle Watercolor Textures,
30 Vector EPS, AI and PNG Seamless Pattern including:

Polka dots patterns,
Chevron patterns,
Floral patterns,
Flower patterns,
Triangle patterns,
Boho feather patterns,
Cross patterns,
Geometric patterns,
Constellation patterns,
Gem / Diamonds patterns,
Circle patterns,
Stripes patterns,
Party balloon pattern,
Succulent patterns,
Paint splashes pattern,
Abstract ink patterns.
217 Vector EPS, AI and PNG Decorative Elements including:

Wedding elements,
Diamonds and Crystals,
Boho tribal feathers,
Flowers and Leaves,
Fantasy Portraits,
Music notes,
Ribbon banners,
Party balloons and drinks,
Swirls and dots,
Text dividers
Tribal arrows,
Speech Bubbles.
104 Vector EPS, AI and PNG Decorative Elements including:

Watercolor circles,
Big Ink splashes,
Small ink splashes,
Watercolor Shapes,
Watercolor brush strokes,
Decorative brush strokes.
Heart shapes,
Ribbon Banners.
75 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes and PNG of each brush in black with transparent background. Including:
55 High Resolution Watercolor Photoshop Brushes,
20 High Resolution Watercolor Circle Photoshop Brushes.
Note: All PNGs are saved in black and white to be easily turned into brushes or masks in various software. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through private message at any time.

52 JPG Seamless Watercolor Textures Size 2000x2000 px including:

12 Watercolor Stripe seamless patterns,
2 Galaxy Watercolor seamless patterns,
2 Watercolor Marble seamless patterns,
2 Watercolor Wood seamless patterns,
34 Colorful Watercolor Wash seamless patterns.
95 PNG Ribbon banners and flags, Colors including:

37 JPG Metallic Seamless Textures Size 1000x1000 px perfect for text effects including:
Gold glitter and foil,
Silver glitter and foil.
Rose Gold glitter and foil. Download
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