Procreate Lettering Brush Bundle 2392079

Procreate Lettering Brush Bundle 2392079

Procreate Lettering Brush Bundle 2392079
Brush | 186 Mb
This big Procreate Brush Bundle comes with 8 packs with over all. 101 professional Procreate brushes for lettering and calligraphy and lots of. The brushes were carefully created with custom brush shapes and hand-made textures. That makes each lettering and calligraphy brush unique and remarkable. The over 100 brushes also include decorative brushes like texture brushes, sparkle and splatter brushes (about 30).

The bundle consists of this products:

• Procreate Fine Lettering Brushes

• Procreate Dirty Lettering Brushes

• Procreate FontMaker Brushes

• Procreate Brush Box Vol. 01

• Procreate Brush Box Vol. 02

• Procreate Brush Box Vol. 03

• Procreate Brush Box Vol. 04

• Rake / Flat Comb Brush Set

Depending on your hardware (computer or mac), your Procreate version and the apps you're using, there are multiple ways to install the brushes.

• You can download the RAR file to your mac, unrar it, send the .brush files via Airdrop to your iPad and open them in Procreate.

• You can download and unzip the file directly on your iPad Pro, if you have an appropriate app for that and import the .brush files in Procreate.

• Or you upload the brushes to Dropbox or iCloud and import them with Procreate. Download Download
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