Mockup Table Cloth Photos 2022018

Mockup Table Cloth Photos 2022018

Mockup Table Cloth Photos 2022018
FOTO | 131 Mb
The scene have different meshes for textile and silk (tie) with some layers and specials. Check it out before ordering this scene, see our TEST-download.

What are the 10 most important advantages between the fotomakr mockups for textile surfaces and a Photoshop textile mockup?

your textures are applied rapportable with comprehensive settings
the program can repeat in perspective but costs nothing
special photos you need can be created as programmed mockup by us only for YOU
waves, knifes, shapes, perspectives are invisibly programmed with meshes in the mockup
it only takes seconds in the mockup per new design
transparencies can be combined with structures to create new designs
changeable colours, designs, offset X+Y, dimensions, repeat
YOUR piece repeatable pattern and the perspective multiplication shows real surfaces
in kombination with YOUR design/pattern and our yarn simulation (soon) unbeatable output
fotomakr is easy to use in minutes Download Download

скачать dle 11.3
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