Artstation - Texture Collection

Artstation - Texture Collection


A collection of 330 Textures and Photos usable for making texture in 11 parts.

I've captured and made these files for several years to build up my library of reference textures!

Images quality is varied, but most would be suitable for texturing purposes. About 95% are 2000*2000 to 6000*4000 Pixel and most of them are seamless.

All Files have Jpg Format. 95% of Seamless textures are square.


Architecture & history reference for making texture (Architect-History-Door-Window-Dish-Vase) (Not seamless) - 143 items
Carpet (Office and home carpet) (Seamless) - 19 items
Door&Window (Seamless) - 6 items
Fabric (Kinds of Fabrics-Cotton-Velvet-Fabric folds) (Seamless) - 31 items
Floor (Asphalt-Ceramic-Marble-Various) (Seamless) - 24 items
Metal & Plastic (Diffuse, Reflect, and Glossiness maps-Pvc) (Seamless) - 9 items
Nature reference for making texture (Background-Kinds of covers-Water-Plant and leaf-Tree and Trunk-Ground- Various) (None seamless) - 43 items
Object surface (None seamless) – 2 items
Wall (Brick-Cement-Concrete-Stone) (Seamless) - 18 items
Wallpaper (kinds of wallpaper for use on the wall) (Seamless) – 26 items
Wood (Wood-MDF) (Seamless) - 9 items Download Download

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